Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello to anyone reading this blog.

I am a young Toronto Maple Leafs fan from NB, very devoted to the blue & white. I don't know if my two-cents are worth much, but I may post my thoughts on here from time to time, usually backed with statistics. However, I'm usually pretty silent, as I tend to just sit back and observe the going-ons and read everyone else's opinions and leave it at that, feeling that I'm too ignorant to comment. Hopefully I can change that about myself by having this blog just standing by and also I'll be looking to comment on posts at some of my favourite blogs. A few of them are up on the right side of this page.

A few points about myself:

- I go by the handle "Slava Duris" at tmlfans.ca and post occasionally.
- Been a Leaf fan since the '93 run when I was about seven years old. Felix Potvin and Wendel Clark were my first favourite Leaf players.
- Also a casual baseball fan (Blue Jays) and I've been influenced by sabermetrics/Moneyball. I love to bring up various statistics.
- I've contributed home game summaries for the 1954-55 Rangers and the 1970-71 North Stars at the Hockey Summary Project.