Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Special Teams Scoring Chances, Games 6-25

Here's the scoring chances data for the Leafs special teams from games 6-25.


The Leafs had the best ranking PP in the league for awhile but they have cooled off a good deal, as they now rank 10th in PP %, and haven't been generating much chances with the man advantage lately. I'm quite surprised to see Hagman ranking so low here.


Luke Schenn has the least amount of chances against per 60 of all regular PKers at 30.53, although his GAA isn't very pretty (8.55 after last night's game against the Canadiens: per Behind-the-Net), but I've been pleased with his play lately, he hasn't looked as shakey. Stempniak and Wallin are the other two regulars with a PPCA/60 under 40. Stajan has been on for 8 chances out of the 11 generated by the Leafs while short-handed, pretty impressive. Mayers has been hurting the Leafs on the PK again this season (as he has everywhere else except in the fisticuffs department), and Primeau and Exelby have been bleeding chances thus far (though luckily Exelby hasn't been on for a very high number of PP goals against).

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