Sunday, September 13, 2009

AHL prospects, 2008-09

I only included the notables at age 26 or younger.

Stapleton, Williams, Kronwall, Sifers, and Stralman are all gone from the organization. I'll miss Jeremy Williams' shot, even though we only got to see it several games a year. He was very one-dimensional, though, and much of his production with the Marlies last season was due to power-play time. He did score 5 goals and 7 points in 11 games with the Leafs, playing mostly with the dynamic duo of Dominic Moore and Jason Blake. PP success wasn't the story for Williams at the NHL level though, he potted just a single assist on the PP... even though Wilson gave him 1:52 of PP time per game.
The following NHLE's are adjusted for player's age. Remember that this is hardly an exact science, hell, Tlusty might put up anything within the range of 20-60 points if he plays the full NHL schedule this upcoming season but around 40 points would be the best bet assuming he isn't given less than 10 minutes of icetime on average (and I doubt Paul Maurice is coming back to coach the Leafs, so...).

NHL Equivalencies (Goals-Assists-Points):
  1. Jiri Tlusty 15-25-40
  2. Tim Stapleton 11-19-30
  3. Jeremy Williams 17-8-25
  4. Andre Deveaux 11-9-20
  5. Staffan Kronwall 5-13-18
  6. Anton Stralman 7-10-17
  7. Jaime Sifers 3-11-14
  8. Darryl Boyce 5-7-12
  9. Alex Foster 4-8-12
  10. Phil Oreskovic 1-6-7

Apart from Tlusty's overall offensive play (he even scored 5 goals in a single game!), Williams' sniping prowess, and Oreskovic's physicality on D, there wasn't a whole lot of promise shown by the Leafs prospects on the farm. Stapleton wouldn't crack the top six on any NHL team, and isn't the ideal guy for your bottom six either; he could easily have taken John Pohl's place a couple years ago on this team though. Stralman, I thought, played decent enough with the Leafs but didn't do nearly as well as he should've with the Marlies.

A very large portion of Williams' and Deveaux's offensive production in the AHL came on the power-play. It's no wonder Deveaux's production didn't translate to the NHL level, given he wasn't used in a scoring role (and I would hope the Leafs never have to rely on him for offense). Stralman and Kronwall had a high percentage of PP points as well although that is more the norm for offensive defencemen.
  • Tim Stapleton: 8 PPG - 29 PPA - 37 PPP, 46.8 % of total points
  • Jiri Tlusty: 6 PPG - 23 PPA - 29 PPP, 43.9 %
  • Jeremy Williams: 19 PPG - 7 PPA - 26 PPP, 65.0 %
  • Staffan Kronwall: 3 PPG - 12 PPA - 15 PPP, 60.0 %
  • Andre Deveaux: 9 PPG - 4 PPA - 13 PPP, 52.0 %
  • Darryl Boyce: 4 PPG - 7 PPA - 13 PPP, 36.7 %
  • Anton Stralman: 6 PPG - 5 PPA - 11 PPP, 68.8 %
  • Jaime Sifers: 2 PPG - 5 PPA - 7 PPP, 35.0 %
  • Alex Foster: 2 PPG - 3 PPA - 5 PPP, 14.3 %

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