Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leafs' Scoring Chances at Even-Strength, through Games 6-46

Even-Strength Chances data from games 6-46.

Player names in bold for those who've played at least 200 minutes at even-strength so far this year in the games that I've covered.

Kessel has cooled off a bit since the last time I posted these numbers, but still leads the Maple Leafs in scoring chances per 60 minutes, and consistently gets high-quality scoring chances.

Alexei Ponikarovsky leads in chance-differential by a pretty good margin, 1.05 over the next best, Tomas Kaberle. Poni also has the least chances against per 60 at 11.86, followed by grinding centreman Wayne Primeau at 12.36, defenseman Mike Komisarek at 12.59, Nik Kulemin at 12.61, and Grabovski at 12.63.

Luke Schenn's have been much improved since November. After the first two months of the season, he has gone 67-55 (+12) in chances at ES (not including last night's game vs. Carolina).

Colton Orr, Jeff Finger, and Jamal Mayers are way behind the pack, having a differential of under -5 per 60 minutes of even-strength play.

Plus/minus data in the table below (Chances, Goals, Fenwick, and Corsi):

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Kent W. said...

Good stuff. I identified Poni as a potential trade target for the Flames. Good to see his underlying numbers are so healthy.