Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Special Teams Chances, through Games 6-46

I was going to post the individual scoring chances statistics a couple days ago but didn't get the chance to do a complete post. One post will be devoted to Special Teams, and other to chances during Even-Strength play. In this post, we will look at the stats on the Leafs ugly special teams' units.

All data is from games 6 to 46 (41 games, I missed the first five of the season).

First, the Power-Play:

Kessel and Stempniak are the best of an awful bad lot on the PP, and Stempniak is currently scoring a bit better than Kessel (3.43 points per 60 minutes at 5-on-4 for Stempniak to Kessel's 2.59) although Kessel sees slightly more goals on his shifts (5.69 to 5.39). Hagman and White rank lowest in Scoring-Chance-Differential (PPCA/60) amongst those who've seen extensive PP time.

Now for the Penalty-Kill:

I've already posted PK stats just a couple of days ago at Pension-Plan-Puppets, but now you can see data on all Leaf players as well as the regulars, with with data from last Saturday's game added in, and with a couple more stats to look at (chances for per 60 min and differential per 60).
I think we're all well aware of exactly how bad the Leafs PK is by now, but it looks like there is some hope here (!), if Wilson would just start using the right personnel more often.

Luke Schenn still looks one of the better options despite his high GAA but the PK save percentage behind him has been so poor that it can't possibly be all his fault. Stajan and Hagman have be the best forwards on the team at limiting chances, but Stempniak gives his differential a boost with his high rate of chances for while shorthanded. He has been on for 13 of the Leafs 19 shorthanded scoring chances, just behind Stajan's 14.

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