Monday, May 3, 2010

High-Quality Shooting

This post contains the stats on High-Quality shot attempts for each Leaf player and High-Quality attempts against each goalie.

By High-Quality chances, the Toronto Maple Leafs were outchanced 213-180 at even-strength but outscored by only 1 goal (70-69). The Leafs' shooting percentage on HQ chances was exactly 1 % higher than what the much maligned Vesa Toskala allowed (but his troubles really came with the softer chances and non-chances). At special teams they were very unfortunate, not only were they very bad at generating chances on the PP and preventing them on the PK, they shot at just a 26.8 % rate with the man-advantage while the opposition scored at a 47.6 % rate.

High-Quality Chances taken by Individual Skater:

These are very small sample sizes for determining a player's sniping ability. I don't think there's any real surprises here, except that Colton Orr managed to take 4 high-quality shots. 6 of Tyler Bozak's 7 goals scored, during games that I covered (he actually scored 8 on the season), were of high-quality.
Not only was the Leafs' power-play brutal at generating quality chances, they had piss-poor luck finishing on them. If you take Phil Kessel out, the rest of the team scored on 7 of 33 HQ chances for a pitiful 21.2 shooting %.

High-Quality Chances against Goalies:

Giguere and Gustavsson fared pretty well, comparatively, at a combined 30.1 GA % in Even-Strength situations. While the Leafs Power-Play had a crummy shooting percentage on HQ chances, the opposition's jumped up to 47.6 % with the man advantage, almost 15 points higher than their ES shooting percentage. Toskala's struggles on the PP are apparent here, too.

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