Monday, April 19, 2010

2009-10 Scoring Chances on the Penalty-Kill, by Individual

Yesterday, I put up the chance statistics for the Leafs on the Power-Play. I was going to include the PK stats in that same post but for some reason the tables went screwy on me so I took the PK table out. Instead, I'll post that data here in JPEG form for skaters and goalies (click to read full-size).

Sjostrom and Phaneuf were solid additions to the PK, which saw a great improvement later in the season. The improvement was due to a combination of sending out a goalie who struggled mightily on the PK in exchange for one who caught fire (Giguere), and player personnel changes within the last one-third of the season with the bulk of icetime going to Sjostrom, Mitchell, Wallin, Hanson, Bozak at the forward positions.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, it's interesting to note that the worst PP in the league averaged 30.7 chances on the PP per 60 minutes, while the worst PK in the league averaged 43.0 chances against per 60. Perhaps both special teams should shoot for around 36.0 next season.

Penalty-Kill, Skaters:
Penalty-Kill, Goalies:

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